Turkey made a price increase Xbox game!


Xbox Turkey in recent months, game prices have increased, this decision met a great response. After this walk, today news walk more came. Details and new prices are in our news!

Xbox decision Turkey will be discussed too!

Xbox and Turkey, as well as in recent months Playstation Turkey, game prices increased due to the dollar rate. Although this decision attracted a lot of reaction from the players, high levels and should be accepted over time. But Turkey updates the price of the Xbox in a decision to walk the smaller stores by signing an interesting decision today. Things are getting tougher these days, when it's hard enough to start a game.

To give an example of prices, $ 180 Metro Exodus, which is the sale price, after the walk 212 TLTo be sold. Red Dead Redemption 2 costs $ 470 $ 56 The price can be bought with the case. FIFA 19The selling price of ı is 564 TL. When we look at the new games, the situation is getting worse. Division 2 is currently in its default version $ 60To ascend. When we look at this price including Turkey sales tax rates $ 100exceeded. The standard version of Xbox US is the price of a game $ 60 On tape.

No longer see enough interest in Turkey Xbox company, this decision seems to be much discussed.

What do you think? Are you thinking of buying games at these prices? Please specify in the comments.


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