Turkey looking for new records! US $ 9.5


Haydar Yenigun, president of the Automotive Industry Association (OSD), assessed the 2018 performance of the Turkish auto industry and what it will do in 2019. Yenigün, who points out that the latest monthly numbers for 2018 have not yet been announced, Together, they will close the year at $ 32.2 billion and the industry will give a current increase of about $ 13 billion.


Yenigün said that the Turkish auto industry produced 1 million and 550 thousand and 150 units in 2018, down 9% from the previous year. 31 Our country, which is a good automotive exporter, exported 1 million 318 thousand 869 of its production in 2018. Exports decreased 1% in relation to last year. However, I do not see this 1 percent as shrinking. We can say that our growth in exports has stabilized. In this period, exports increased 11 percent in dollars and 6 percent in euros due to the change in parity. Thus, total exports of automobiles totaled 32.2 billion dollars Buna in the shape of.


OSD President points out that the automotive industry generated a trade surplus of $ 6.4 billion in 2017, It is 11.8 billion foreign trade surplus in the 11-month period of 2018, reached the highest level of history in this area. We anticipate that the year will be closed with a trade surplus of about $ 13 billion. total value of Turkey's exports from our exports of $ 1.29 per kg, considering, we sell our automotive which is $ 9.53 per kg is equal. In other words, we have an export value per kg of 7.5 times the Yani industry average expressions used.


As a result of their OSD studies shrank 27 percent this year, the 470,000-unit Turkish automotive market that said they saw the front of the closing band Haydar Yenigun ended it saying: "Our production and export performance will continue to be the In 2019, we expect a reduction of 8% in the production side, in which we expect to be around 1 million 420 thousand units of total automotive production in Turkey.At the end of 2019, we estimate that the production of cars will be 940 thousand vehicles, with a reduction of 8%, the automobile market will be 350 thousand units, with a contraction of 28% and the export of cars will be 810 thousand. When we act with a forecast that the reductions in SCT and VAT will not after the elections, we expect the market share of imported vehicles to increase over time. However, if cuts in SCT and VAT continue, the continues, of course.



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