There is nothing wrong with cigarettes that broke her mother's arms, she violated her Father


Samsun, his mother and father, allegedly injured a mother on the grounds that she did not smoke, was arrested and sent to court.

Smoker with mother and baby

The event, the Samsun Tekkeköy district, was in the neighborhood of Yukarıçinik. It is claimed that Ömer K., 37 years old, was between her mother, Hava K. and her father, for the quarrel.

Her mother's hand, but baby

After that, Ömer K. violated her mother's arm and her father was injured.


Following the announcement of the Ömer K. detention center near Tekkeköy-Gendarmerie districts, the Samsun Court was removed.


While the mother and the father were injured in the hospital for smoking, Ömer K. gave a statement to the prosecutor.


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