The sanction of your pet is brought to the street (Minister explained)


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Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, participated in the "Street Animal Solutions Workshop" organized by the Ombudsman Institution.

Minister Pakdemirli in his speech here, he said an animal owner.

Describing the family's sadness after his dog's death, "King" Pakdemirli, "Now we have a dog named Pasha." We have three children, we are a family of five.He is our sixth child.We see him as such. by dogs while we were cycling in Fenerbahce Kalamış, the dog came to bite me, and as dog owner, we are living the robustness of not being afraid of dogs.


According to the Animal Protection Law and related regulations, local governments identified and vaccinated and vaccinated against animals, they were put back into the environment Pakdemirli, said:

"There are about 800,000 abandoned animals that are not rehabilitated in our country.There are 234 creches with a total capacity of 86,000 and 500 animals established by local governments.In 2004-2018, 1 million and 352,000 abandoned animals were vaccinated by governments A total of £ 31 million was funded by our Ministry to 61 local administrations in 2009-2018, during which period £ 9 million £ 254 000 received financial support from local governments for the sterilization of abandoned animals. the distribution of cat and kennel house to 1 million and 350 thousand pounds in 2017 and 2018. We also provide automatic water and food machines with water supply containers for non-homeowners.

Pakdemirli said that unclaimed animal protection activities were carried out in cooperation with municipalities under the principles of "vaccination, sterilization, signal, registration, possession, monitoring and control".


Minister Pakdemirli, on violations of animal rights in the period 2007-2018 a total of 9 million 151,700 pounds of administrative fines are applied.

Mr Pakdemirli stated that efforts to amend the Animal Welfare Act in order to eliminate the problems encountered in its implementation were made on the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


Pakdemirli recently pointed out that the increase in intentional killing, torture, torture and ill-treatment against animals showed an increase, he said:

"This situation has disturbed the public conscience, especially the President of the Republic of Turkey.That is why amendments to the Law on the Protection of Animals have been necessary.My Ministry worked on the draft amendment in coordination with the Ministries of Justice and Home Affairs "Provisions are also foreseen to prohibit the possession of cats and dogs at pet stores, which are often claimed by citizens, in order to prevent an increase in the population of uninhabited animals. and mistreatment of animals He continues. "

Pakdemirli, although functional and comfortable, noting that shelters are not suitable for the natural living conditions of animals, "We do not want to make animal prison. We will try to avoid this work as soon as possible." he said.

On the question of whether there will be penalties for municipalities in this context, also Pakdemirli: "Remember, whoever committed the crime pays the penalty." used.

Pakdemirli, the results of the workshop will add the results of the ministry, he said.


Pakdemirli, who shared important news for farmers and producers, said:

"We expect support payments to raw milk for the months of September-October-November 2018 on Friday, January 25. In this context, we will pay 260 million 615 producers divided into two groups and paid 255 million pounds per 2 million 142 thousand tons of raw milk.We will pay 113 million 787 thousand liras to our producers who have the last digit of identification number 6-8 and will be on Friday, January 25 after 6 pm We will pay 141 million 168,000 pounds per day. "



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