The METU candidate was eliminated on the simplest issue


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, one of the oldest TV and ATV programs, is being followed with interest. Presentation of Murat Yildirim to the screen, participating in the contest Ezgi Gürses & # 39; in eliminated the audience surprised the question

Ezgi Hanim, who is a sophomore at METU's Department of Political Science and Public Administration, also raised the expectation of those on the screen at the University of Istanbul. In which question was METU's competitor eliminated and dropped in the language of social media?

Ezgi Gürses came to the 8th question of 30 thousand TL and asked: "Which two cities have a district called Ortaköy – the question was addressed."

The competing ODTÜ? Li confident in Istanbul-Kocaeli's response to the screen shocked those in the beginning. Ortakoy district of the district of Besiktas in Istanbul, which thinks that the district of the competitor has dropped to the language of social media.

"There is also in Istanbul, so there is Ortaköy in Kocaeli," he said, using the right to give a double answer to the jokerini candidate, with 15,000 for the competition. Social media, the competitor on the & # 39; One of the two universities studied, look at the eliminated issue & # 39; comments have been made.


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