Monday , October 25 2021

The last situation in the dollar exchange: 1 How many pounds was the dollar? Current dollar values ​​…


The dollar rate is followed with curiosity by investors and citizens. How is the dollar rate affected by all developments in the agenda? The answer to the question of how many dollars was the dollar and the numbers that the dollar closed the week in our news …


Today, $ 1 is traded as TL 5,8192 for purchase and TL 5,8257 for sale.

visual result of the dollar shield


Integral Investment Research Specialist Eda Karadag said demand for safe ports has recently risen due to US-China trade talks and tension between the US and Iran. Bir He has led the way.

Montenegro can be interpreted as a sale of profits from the occasional withdrawals seen per ounce, Montenegro said:

"As long as the price of one ounce of gold remains above $ 1,350, the increase may continue. The critical level here is the $ 1,400 zone. For now, it can not be much above this level. However, if he insists, the resistances of $ 1,410-1,415 and $ 1,425 should be followed closely. "

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