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In Tarsus, the importance of diabetes was explained due to the Diabetes Day of November 14.

The State Hospital of Tarsus, Diabetes Education Unit, has opened a stand in the field of informed and informed competitiveness to citizens.

Diabetes education nurse Özlem Kaya and Latife Canatan, who work at the Diabetes Education Unit at Tarsal State Hospital, said they had informed World Diabetes Day on November 14.

Kaya said: "Canadian, who has discovered the most valuable molecule (insulin hormone) ever produced in the medical history of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Diabetes Federation (IDF) in order to raise awareness of society and emphasize the importance of question. November 14 Diabetes Day read, which is the birthday of physician Frederick Banting, is celebrated with theme and various activities that are determined every year around the world.

This year November 14 Diabetes Day Theme; Diabetes and Family. The purpose of the theme is; Isi Creating awareness about the impact of diabetes on the family and supporting families affected by this disease, as well as the family's role in diabetes management, care and prevention, and education, isi he said.

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