The guy who sold Bitcoin for less than $ 20,000 would know


In December 2017, Bitcoin, a former IMF economist Mark Dow, who announced his short position of $ 20,000 and closed his position at $ 3,000, was more successful than his forecast.

Dow, the largest encrypted money, today about $ 12,000 before the $ 5,000 increase on Twitter's personal account Bitcoin is available at this time, he said. The main cryptographic money rose sharply from $ 4150 to $ 5078 hours after the Dow tweet.

In December 2018, Dow told Bloomberg that it had closed the short position at a price of $ 20,000 a year ago, when the price dropped to $ 3,500.

Dow that day, "I finished. I do not want to try to redefine this thing. The increase in the price of Bitcoin in 2017 can be attributed in part to the fact that many people do not understand the currency or the underlying technology of Blockchain. They just saw it rise and asked for a piece. People's dreams can go even further when they do not understand the problem and break with reality. This allowed the balloon to become much larger and more severe.

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