The giant asteroid will be tangent to Earth


"" site, according to the news, the US, Massachusetts University of Technology, planetary scientist Richard Binzel, "Apophis" asteroid on April 13, 2029, said the world will make the transition.

"Such a large celestial body is so close to the Earth that we can only see it once in a thousand years, so we need to assess the opportunities here," Binzel said at the World Aerospace Academy's Defense Conference. he said.


Asserting that the asteroid has no chance of reaching Earth, Richard Binzel emphasized that monitoring the transition of the asteroid to its orbit would be helpful in developing measures to protect the planet from the potential destruction of asteroids.

The asteroid will begin to cross the Indian Ocean at the equatorial latitude of the Earth, traveling from west to east on the African continent, traveling across the Atlantic Ocean and the US, leaving the Earth's orbit in the Pacific Ocean. It was also stated that the passage of the asteroid could be observed with the naked eye by approximately 2 billion people living in the regions of the route.

An orbital asteroid, Earth's evil asteroid, was discovered in 2004 at the Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona, USA.


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