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The Galaxy A50 has a better camera

We recently shared a detailed review with you Samsung Galaxy A50 An important update has been posted. The upgrade offered in India brings new features to the front and triple rear camera of the phone.

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The 666 MB upgrade makes the embedded fingerprint scanner more stable on the screen. With the included Bixby accessories, the front camera can be taken at a narrower angle (68 degrees).

There is also a beauty video mode for the front and rear cameras. New background effects for live focus images are also one of the advancements on the camera side.

Finally, Galaxy a50 Begins to support call and message continuity. You can answer calls and text messages from other compatible devices that sign in to your Samsung account.

It should be noted that the update will be distributed in our country in a short time. If you wish, you can ask about updates in the Settings menu.

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