Talat Bulut was the guest of 40


Is he as white as his papers? Why were his eyes full when he told her about the bad days he had been through? Why are the videos he shares in social media happening? Buket Aydın asked 40 brave questions, said Talat Bulut. Here are these answers;

Did not you really deny the allegation of harassment?

It's really something I forgot. Let me answer for your reminder. Because I was acquitted by the prosecution, but the case between us and the people who slander a compensation continues. I will not say much about it, but of course, like Talat Bulut, we're trying to put a stain on his 60-year life. So it was very sad at the time, but what really bothered me was that the slander appeared at the prosecution at age 13, complaining that his father had sexually abused him. I am the father of a 21 year old girl. I'm really upset when I think this can happen to my daughter. The fact that the slanderous person has gone through the same text years later shows that he is not healthy. I wish she could be treated and become a more useful girl. It's very sad for a father. The court has been concluded for libel and the compensation process continues. But what bothers me the most is that she's sick. The anguish felt by the slanderer's father was shared with the public, but many people in the media did not focus on this situation because it did not work. This was not used because they can not provide a return.
This slander and lie of the girl came. When the incident was hot, a lawyer from Izmir confused the situation with the solidarity of women or similar issues. However, when the incident file between the girl and her father appeared, they all disappeared. I do not have an attorney to defend her in the compensation process that I filed with her now. This is very interesting. Where are the lawyers, the associations, the people who defend you? They left. So they can not defend a lie now. They found out she was lying, and now they are not defending her, but I could not tell myself at the time. In social media, people feel so free and so immoral that they think this is also the right to democracy. No, you can not tell everything about everyone. There is a rule. I am very free of conscience. I am a 21 year old girl and you are shocked by these charges while carrying your responsibilities. And you are even more shocked to know the truth about the person who slandered this slander.

Have you thought about resigning from the show at that time?

No. Why would I? I'm not to blame and I'm right. People had to wait for the results before the court. He entered the results and continues the series.

What was your daughter's comment on harassment allegations?

We are separated from her mother, but as mother and father we try to raise our daughter with that responsibility. And my daughter is studying criminology in America now. Very positive and difficult profession. His attitude and posture in these events was an example of how good a son we were creating. He defended me to the end. He took an unbelievable attitude towards people who thought such events could exist with slander and lies in social media. But those who tried to advise me made the same attack on my daughter. That's the sad thing. I looked at my daughter proudly and began to think about what could be best for her. There is only one person in my life for whom I am responsible. It does not matter what else someone says. I do not leave many things behind and look back because I see the value judgments of the people in the society we live in, their level of education, their level of consciousness, their approach to nature and animals, their level of human relationships. So it's my profession. I left everyone who hurt my profession. I never carried it.

Is it true that you married Pınar Afşar 3 times and got divorced?

Okay, I broke the wedding record with one person. In fact, this is a good example. It is also a good example of life. We understand this; this means that only bilateral relations are healthy, efficient, shared, long-term does not just depend on the signature. Debates, jealousy is definitely happening. In particular, as a result of this jealousy is going through a divorce, but we do not leave. There is a relationship based on such a solid foundation that you are getting married a second time. So you go out again for very small reasons. If we were astrologers, we were both Aries. At the third marriage, we had a son. Thankfully I got married for the third time. I have a beautiful daughter. I was married three times in 24 years. It is the only example of this sector that continues this long marriage besides Yeşilçamcılar. So I can look at very healthy relationships. When I was married the third time, there was this situation. It was summer, and I went to the wedding room with short shorts and slippers. The wedding official arrived with three people with a file. 'Come, sign, go. You got married twice. The third is no wonder.

Have you ever fallen in love with your co-worker?

It was a rule that began with the theater. It was not forbidden to have any relationship with the theater staff, but it was a rule. It was a rule you felt for yourself. This rule was very healthy when I was in the theater. I said, can not I keep this rule in the movies? The people with whom we are together, the people we call partners, are very beautiful women. Beautiful women that anyone could fall in love with. People came to look at the screen and fell in love. This rule was sitting on my body as the first item. I never thought of it that way. In fact, the sharing was so healthy that the concept of friendship developed so well that there was never any action you could ever imagine. This never happened.


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