Survivor Turkey Greece introduction of section 34


Survivor Turkey – Greece with a new tonight 20 episode: 00 on TV8 …

Survivor Turkey section 34 advertising from Greece was published. What will happen in Survivor 2019? You can watch the 34th episode of Survivor 2019 on the TV8 screens on Tuesday, March 26th.

The average panacea survivor Turkey Greece where they stopped on TV8 emotion screen. In the 33rd episode, a big game for the car was played and Sude won the car. Survivor fans eagerly await the new episode ΓΌ You can watch the 34th episode of Survivor 2019 on Tuesday, March 26 at 8PM on the screens of TV8.

What happened in Chapter 33?

Survivor Turkey Greece Section 33 of the Turkish and Greek team appeared before the game prize for food. The prize was won by the Turkish team and they liked their burgers. Later in the car game, the breaths were kept and the scene was locked. Mixed team of black and white made up of Turkish and Greek teams were formed. The white team won the game a black or white Burada and Sude won the game and became the owner of the car.



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