Surprise, which makes Süreyya weep for happiness at Bride in Istanbul! Bride in Istanbul 81. Watch the final scene of the last episode!


The beloved Star TV series, Istanbuley Bride, appeared on the screen late Friday night, April 19th. Faruk & # 39; ın opened the name of the restaurant opened by the father of his father's name years ago, the restaurant of the same name took Sureyya & y; y past.


Surey, who was reading his mother's remaining diary, was shocked by what was written in the diary. Sureyya thought his mother did not want him, and he suffered a great destruction and went to the woman who had taken care of him. Sureyya experienced another shock. Sureyya also discovered that her parents had a car while their parents died. Faruk learned from Dilara that the reason behind this restaurant was the Süreyya.

Faruk and Boranes, Sureyya & # 39; already to revive and revitalize to revive. Surprising Sureyya in the garden, Faruk opened a video of his son abroad from a screen that they installed. Sureyya experienced great happiness in the face of what she had heard.


Sureyya has a hard time confronting her past. Sureyya closes in, even with Faruk does not want to share his feelings. When Esma and Strange go to the company, they come to Happy Friday, which is the new order of Adam and Fikret, and accuses them of irresponsibility. Dilara and Mertın's relationship continues. Faruk, who is interested in the initial preparations, thinks Duryya has a connection to the restaurant. Sureyya continues to dig past and find another secret.


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