Spirituality may be protecting the brain against depression


According to a recent study, people with strong religious beliefs or spirituality are more resistant to depression.

According to a new study, religious beliefs or a sense of spirituality can protect people's brains against depression. In the study, an interesting link between personal beliefs and brain was discovered.

Research thinking is still at an early stage, but these kinds of discoveries are growing more and more, and the links between depression and religious faith are becoming more and more interesting.

Depression has been found to be genetic by recent research. If one or two parents are depressed, the child's risk of depression is doubled, perhaps up to four times in some cases. However, while more research focuses on genes, depression may not affect those who have depression in their parents, or those who do not have depressive personality in their family ties may be depressed.

This means that there are factors other than genes, and a person's world view may be one of those factors. There seems to be a protective effect among those who have a high risk of depression in their family, those who have religious beliefs or those with strong spirituality. Such beliefs protect some patients from recurring major depressive disorders.

According to a 2005 study, religious beliefs in people with this type of illness serve as a buffer against depression. In a 2013 study, it was concluded that people with a belief in God had a more positive response to treatment.

In a recent study, a magnetic resonance imaging device based on brain imaging was used to display the white matter in the brains of participants with different risk levels of family depression. The white matter serves as a biomarker for depression in the brain, and in a 2014 study religion and spirituality were found to be associated with thicker cortices in various regions of the brain associated with depression.

The results of the new research confirm these correlations. According to the study, the results of people with religious beliefs who are at high risk of family depression and those with low risk of family depression are similar.


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Of course, these findings must be tested, approved and extended for a longer period of time in order to reach a definitive conclusion.

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