Spicy Wife Dilber Ay first spoke: finished seven


Dilber Turkey with all the news of the death of the artist's bull month laws, was expelled on the last round by the fans. Dilber Ay's wife spoke for the first time after the great pain. Karakas, "My mother, my father, my brother, I lost half." He was treated on his knees. Stress made, "I will not walk." He stressed himself.


Dilber Ay died at the Ankara Education and Research Hospital in Ankara. Relatives of Ay, the house where the Ağa Mahallesi 1953. Sokak wrapped in the coffin and shed tears.


The funeral, the Commander of the Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment, Colonel Mustafa Cetinkaya, the artists Hakan Tasiyan, Latif Dogan, Mahmut Tuncer and the citizens attended.

The funeral of Ay in Ağa, Düzce, after the funeral prayer after the afternoon prayer in the cemetery of the city of Düzce, was buried.


After the bitter news of Dilber Ay Ibrahim Karakas's wife, Söylemezsem Olmaz connected to the telephone.

Karakas said the difficulty in following Discussion: thanks to the head of the Republic of Turkey. I lost my mother, my father, my brother, my half. He was on his knees. Stressed, I'm going to walk " he said. He finished seven. It arrived with the strangeness, it was with the strangeness.


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