Şok 3 Nisan 2019 Current Products Catalog Posted


Shok market this week to announce the launch of products to be announced. Shock in the new week current products catalog with new discount opportunities to serve consumers. Discount days, which start on Wednesday, will continue for a week. You can find total discount opportunities in the Şok Market. 3 Nisan Şok current product catalog this week with the future discount products for you to have closely examined. New weekly discounts from the famous grocery chain, which have always been able to satisfy consumers with their campaigns, will once again be appreciated by you. Let's not extend the word further and Real Shock Catalog we will list the products that will be downloaded this week hafta


Shok Actual April 3, 2019 catalog There are many products that attract attention this week. When we look at the first part of the campaign, we see a product that is always present. 2 Year Warranty Axen 32 Inch Satellite Receiver LED TV 899 TL price is the most remarkable product that will be sold this week in the Shok market. You can also buy this product with the price of 149,83 x 6 TL. Shock This Week We offer you the following discount products;

  • Children's bicycle Gokidy 16 rim 239 TL
  • Single pique of cotton 24,90 TL
  • Lutetium double cotton 29.90 TL
  • Sinbo full blender 99 TL
  • One-way liquid-proof plaster 14.95 TL
  • Double allel liquid proof $ 19.95
  • Women's pajama set
  • 9.99 TL Pillow Cushion
  • Men's Leather Shoes
  • Bath mat 9,99 TL
  • Printed Floor Carpet by Wellsoft 19.99 TL


Shock 3-9 April 2019 Current Product Catalog this week will party in the kitchens. Special prices for sets of pans are waiting for you at the Şok grocery store, which often carries products that attract women. Shok Actual April 3, 2019 catalog will be sold with the other products as follows;

  • Steel straw utensils 24 centimeters 59.90 TL
  • Deep steel vases 24 cm 54.90 TL
  • Steel pan 24.90 TL
  • Few steel shells 24,90 TL
  • Steel cookware with lid 24.90 TL
  • Deep pan with steel lid
  • Set of steel pans for beach 3,00 €
  • Tank Grater 6.99 TL
  • Round glass tray 19.95 TL

Shock April 3, 2019 Current Product Catalog will be available until April 9, 2019. If you want to buy remarkable products in the campaign, keep your hand upright. Because these products are limited to stocks to reach the market.


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