Sharing the attention of famous names Imamoglu


One of the most discussed issues in the local elections on 31 March was Istanbul …

After the elections in Istanbul, which broke the break, YSK made a statement today, Imamoglu 25,000 votes ahead, he said. He continued the data entry that he stopped after YSK in AA and he said that Ekrem İmamoğlu won Istanbul.

After this point, there was an interesting and notable sharing in social networks.

Famous names while participating in this caravan, the most remarkable sharing theater was made by Sevket Coruh.

Çoruh, who shared a video he laughed at on his social media account, "I Do Grab" his note dropped.

The famous actress Sumru Yavrucuk also made a reference, "Do not play paper artists" has shared a video.

Metin Uca also gave an answer to Şevket Çoruh, laughing the same way in his social media account. Uca, share, "Love is one-sided" his note dropped.

Here are the moments:

On the other hand; Burhan Şeşen, Levent Üzümcü, Gökhan Özoğuz, famous names like Demet Evgar also did remarkable deeds.

Here are the actions:



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