Sharing a semi-naked robe by Merve Taşkın


Merve Taşkın, the beautiful socialite Merve Taşkın, who made her talk often with her daring social media accounts sharing, charmed her followers with her bold participation in bathrobe.


Merve Taşkın shared a brave photo of her in a bathrobe she had been taken into the bathroom with her followers. Flood fascinated his followers with his physique. "The most innocent person I am" commented on the sharing of floods. Commenting on the part of Taşkın, a follower's comment, "I did not really see such innocence." he said. Another follower said, "You are the most innocent, we will not leave heaven." he commented.


Merve Taskin, 20, answered all questions of his followers: "What are your sexual preferences?" "I guess I'm asexual and I'm still a virgin," he replied. Taşkın, who attracted attention with his resemblance to the American model Kendall Jenner, gave the same pose as the famous model.

Kendall Jenner


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