Serdar Ortaç has given the good news to his fans! Your life is a movie.


The Golden Throat Awards, organized to raise awareness of people with Down syndrome, met their winners the night before. Serdar Ortaç, Yilmaz Morgül, Ivana Sert, Betül Demir and Ferman Toprak were among the celebrities who came in the evening to receive their prizes.


Serdar Ortaç, who met the famous producer Mehmet Yıldırım at the awards ceremony, gave the good news that he would make a film about his life. In the film, whose name has not yet been announced, Ortaç will reflect his life in the movies. Serdar Ortaç, since 1992, will write the script for his life and announced that the film producer Mehmet Yildirim. After the film about the life story of the late Müslüm Gürses, the second film will come from Serdar Ortaç.


Cantor Yilmaz Morgül, attending the night with a gas mask and banner on stage drew attention. Morgül, who spoke with journalists, said: "If all countries in the world do not take precautions in the name of global warming and environmentalism, the end of the world will come. I wanted to take care of wearing a mask," he said. Later, Yılmaz Morgül, who was on stage to receive the prize for Best Turkish Artistic Artist, opened a banner with the text "Save the World for Living".


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