Senol Gunes would go to school with his high school friends


The coach of Besiktas, Senol Gunes, friends of the Trabzon college met today. While sharing the memories of his school years with his friends, Güneş had to go to regular games because he played football at that time.

Trabzon High School, formed 48 years ago with friends in the classroom and the student who took the place again in the period when the sun is playing hard work to come today, he told his friends.

Trabzon High School 6 Literature Class D graduated in 1970-1971 Sun, as the footballer is describing football players at that time, very unfriendly, he said.

"Gathering after 48 years is not an easy task."

In the period of not having the Hababam Class, stating that her class was the Hababam Class, Güneş said, she is so excited today that life has brought us to such a class that life has brought us all there. We did not have a Hababam class at all times. It's an important day, but it's not an easy task to get together after 48 years, my friends have a lot of work, but they are not aware of it. , the athlete all left, also left. Coincidentally, we were coincidentally clumsy and undesirable and in times when the players had no work. All my friends here have been part of me as a football player. When I was in school, I was going to the games, absenteeism. He was counting Hodja's class, there was someone here and he was leaving. We're ignoring one of the girls in the classroom. Trust her a very good friend did very well. It was the evil of the day, but it was an important job because it affected my destiny today. Nice days. Allah showed us the healthy days. Nice 48-50 years I say. May God give you a long life. Many people came here. Trabzon High School is a very large school, you have to accept it. Already one of the few high schools in Turkey, "he said.

The Sun then addressed the students in the classroom and said he was more timid in math and science, despite being a social science teacher, stating that he was a very shy person during his student years.

During his visit to the sun, he had students take pictures at school with Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş and Trabzonspor.


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