Thursday , October 21 2021

Scorpion venom helps detect brain tumor


It has been discovered that a peptide in the venom of the scorpion, in particular, connects with tumor cells in the brain. Therefore, a synthesized version of this venom was used for surgical operations.

Gliomas, a deadly brain tumor, can sometimes be incredibly difficult to treat. These tumors do not respond favorably to chemotherapy or radiotherapy and tend to spread to a large part of the brain tissue. This makes it difficult for surgeons to detect and remove cancerous tissue.


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A new observation technique was developed to help surgeons identify the location of malignant brain tumors during surgery. This technique allows for special observation by synthesizing the new high-precision infrared camera with an amino acid in scorpion venom.

The new observation technique is based on a new compound called "dustuleristide" (the synthesized state of a peptide present in scorpion venom). This compound can naturally bind to tumor cells. Therefore, researchers can easily distinguish where the tumor is dissipated in the brain when they examine this compound under infrared light by adding a fluorescent dye.

(Researcher Adam Mamelak, dustuleristidi "With this fluorescent, you can choose the tumor more clearly because it shines like a Christmas tree" in the form.)

This compound, whose scientific name is BLZ-100, does not contain any type of poison and does not cause damage when interacting with brain tumors. 17 adult brain cancer patients were tested with this observation method and most of the tumors were polished successfully.


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This observation technique is expected to become widespread in the near future after receiving FDA approval. It is even suggested that the BLZ-100 can find other cancer cells. Keith Black of Cedars-Sinai, The observation technique here promises not only brain tumors but also many other cancers. The main objective is to increase the surgical possibilities that we offer to our patients He says.

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