Tuesday , July 27 2021

Scientific Committee Member: We use aspirin in patients with coronavirus

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Dr. Alpay Perdition, coronavirus in patients receiving hospital treatment in the United States, uses aspirin regularly when emerging to reduce the risk of death by 47 percent, said it has been used in patients since the outbreak in Turkey began.

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Prof. Dr. Alpay Azap said that a major cause of deaths from the coronavirus is that the cells that line the inner surface of all the vessels in the body become unable to function due to the virus and blood clotting. Prof. Dr. Azap said: “Blood clots form and start to clog small vessels and fine capillaries. When these vessels are blocked, the organs cannot be nourished. Lung failure appears in the form of respiratory failure. It can cause clots in the brain. that cause paralysis. Heart attack can occur, “he said.


Affirming that this is a subject they had known since the early stages of the epidemic, Prof. Dr. Azap said: “In fact, this happens in many infectious diseases. The image we call ‘sepsis’, which we call ‘septic shock’, appears. a study showing that watering drugs actually prevent a lot, 50 percent of aspirin has shown that it prevents them. at the beginning, since Turkey is already taking anticoagulants, as we know that such an situation ‘aspirin’ may ‘similar to heparin’ only another may have a few different medications, since the beginning we have used it in our patients ever since, “he said.


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