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Sports Toto Super League in the week of 19 Fenerbahce Evkur Fenerbahce in the new Malatyaspor defeated 3-2. Mehmet Topici and Mehmet Topal in the 86th minute marked the goals of the yellow-blue team in the second and 31 minutes. Guest Evkur New goals from Malatyaspore at 28 mins Mina and 45 + 3 minutes Donald registered. With this result, the Fenerbahce, the victory of 6 league games ended.

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90 minutes from the match Rıdvan Dilmen, NTV screens published in the program 100% football rated.

Fenerbahce's latest situation in the comments Dilmen, "The world is reversed." Previously Fenerbahce used to play the championship, the cluster New Malatyaspor fights to fall. Fenerbahce is life.I think Fenerbahce will come a few weeks later dangerous place.can you imagine the mood of a fan Fenerbahce? we psychologists a few weeks ago, the best customers Fenerbahçeliler that Now I say that cardiologists are the best customers, "he said.

Describing Neustadter Başakşehir, Dilmen demanded Roman Neustadter from Fenerbahçe in the Başakşehir circuit. Fenerbahce wanted the player to refuse. Because? As far as I know, Ersun Yanal does not think of Adebayor. But at the last minute, if something happens, I do not know. "He said.

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