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Porsche Taycan Cross Tourism viewed

The new electric car from German sports car manufacturer Porsche, which is one of the companies that runs the electric car, has been spotted by spy photographers.

Porsche Thai It has been able to make a serious sound since its release. Taycan, the first famous sports car manufacturer electric In addition to being a car, it continues to offer the image of a very strong sports car that breaks records with its high performance.

Of course, after this Porsche success, only Taycan I don't intend to be with. Stutgart carmaker continues to develop other variants of Thai. Now one of the new versions of Thai Taycan Cross Tourism, Nürburgring & # 39; seen by spy photographers.

Taycan launched a YouTuber at Cross Turismo:

porsche thai cross tourism

YouTuber Shown by Carspotter Jeroen, Thai Cross Tourism is covered with black ribbon to hide the design lines. This coating will not be sufficient for black bands to be used on certain headlights. Do not be fooled by the vehicle exhaust seen in the pictures, as these exhausts are fake. Any electricity in the vehicle will be fully electric. exhaust It will be available. The yellow round sticker on the rear window indicates that it probably should not be used.


Porsche Taycan goes faster than his Nürburgring record

As you can see in the video shared by Jeroen, Taycan Cross Turismo performs a body show on the track. it is acting It is quite surprising to see how powerful this all-electric car is. Currently, information about Thai Cross Tourism is very small, except that it will be released next year. This variant of Thai, sedan The version is more likely to outperform, but the performance will naturally differ on both vehicles due to different sizes and weights. However, the information that comes out about what Taycan Cross Tourism can do is exciting.

Taycan Cross Tourism Video:

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