Plan of Saudi Arabia by G.Saray! Diagne …


In the summer transfer period, Galatasaray sold 6 million euros to Gomis to Al-Hilal and Rodrigues to Al-Ittihad for 9 million euros. FFP required that the transfer of the & # 39; Buy as you sell & # 39; limited the yellows, the money of these players with the budget of the supplements Emre Akbaba and Diagne had created. The end-of-season transfer strategy will also be determined by future offers from Arabia.


The transfer of Al-Ittihad from the circuit by the pole of Belwara's condition of separation of 6 million euros per year in the offer … Giuliano and Rodrigues to Saudi Arabia, William D & # 39; Avila, Belhanda & # 39; nın took over the direction . The Moroccan number 10 will be sold if it offers more than 10 million euros.


Gomis, who was the 29-goal king last season, went to Al-Hilal for 8 million euros a year. Galatasaray, though not satisfied with the performance of 26 goals in the kingdom of the incomparable Diagne of Gomis can take the road to Saudi Arabia. For the Gulf countries that attach importance to statistics, Diagne's annual rate of 2.3 million euros is not a problem.


Feghouli, who was a Muslim, signed Galatasaray with an option of € 4m and € 250,000 in the Persian Gulf countries for the 2018-19 season. The Algerian star, who is at the top of the standings, should receive attractive offers from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.



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