Pit Watch Part 50 Single Piece HD


Çukur, one of the most troublesome parts of Istanbul, is in control of the Koçova family. The Kozovans' most important rules in administering the hole are that they never allow drugs. However, with the emergence of a new group in this neighborhood, the current request is halted. When they think they are giving up the Koçovans, the youngest son of the family will return to Çukur, which he left behind to build a completely different life many years ago, and a new era will begin. The inclination plunged into a life many years ago, leaving the Çukurğiu and his family behind and not considering it tomorrow. Sena is a beautiful young woman who is as beautiful as she is, but she is not alone; she is a beautiful young woman and believes that she finds endless love. With the re-entry of Çukurilesun and the Yamaçtırs family into the life of this young couple who united to be happy until death, nothing will be as they dreamed. Will the future of the decline in the past of Çukur and Sena allow them to form an ordinary life?

Gökhan Horzum, directed by Sinan Öztürk.

  • productionAy Yapim
  • producerKerem Çatay and Pelin Diştaş Yaşaroğlu
  • directorGet introduced to sinan
  • scenarioGökhan Horzum


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