Pharmaceutical companies almost stopped delivering: the expected high on February 19


On February 19, it was reported that pharmaceutical companies almost stopped positioning themselves before the increase with exchange rate regulation.

Photo: DHA

One day, according to Burcu Cansu? Nin, the Ministry of Health and pharmaceutical companies, as a result of the negotiations, the new currency to be applied on February 19 will be announced.

Pharmaceutical companies in pre-stock, stocks, antibiotics, blood pressure, stomach remedies, painkillers and antidepressants, including many medications, can not be found in pharmacies.

Zafer Cenap Sarıalioğlu, chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Pharmacists, said that the expectation of discharge on February 19 will cause the absence of drugs.

Sarıalioğlu, We do not know exactly if the company is stocking stores or stores. It is clear that the stock of drugs causes serious victimization for patients. We have received many complaints about this. We have been struggling with this problem since Yil New Year he said.

The President of the Association of Pharmaceutical Employers (TEIS), Nurten Saydan, stated that there are no pharmacists responsible for the drug.

Saydan said that a fifth of the patients returned to the pharmacy because there was no medication. The reason some medicines can not be found is production planning and shipment of companies with the February 19 index. Many medicines can not be found on the market, either because of the end of year-end quotas, or because they expect the rise in pharmaceutical prices.

Effect of exchange rate: Approximately 700 imported medicines are not available in the market

Effect of the exchange rate increase: increase of 2.5%


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