Saturday , October 23 2021

Passenger panic attack was the event on the plane from Antalya-Istanbul


Onur Air, which took passengers to take the Antalya-Istanbul flight, began waiting for departure authorization after closing the Airbus 330-type plane. A passenger who allegedly had foreigners and panic attacks during the 20-minute waiting period was reported. 219 passengers in the mid-section of the aircraft loaded on the cabin crew attempted to prevent the passenger crew, but the emergency evacuation of two doors at the two ports called the evacuation led to the opening of two evacuation boats. When the pilots reported the situation, the police arrived.


While the foreign passengers were detained, the aircraft was evacuated and other passengers were taken to the terminal. While the crew of the Onur Airlines plane was making an illegal report on the incident, it was stated that the plane would be delivered to the expedition after the slide renovation. Honor airline officials, the passenger said he would be plaintiff. Meanwhile, the price of two open slides is about 20 thousand dollars, blasting slides can not be used.


Honor Air Airbus A330 aircraft type waiting for take-off permission to make the flight Antalya-Istanbul, 20 minutes of panic attack while waiting on the runway, allegedly removing the incident passenger Iranian Muhned Muhammet Oudah, pressing the release button & # 39; ; slide & # 39; called an emergency evacuation boat exploded. Following the incident, Iranian passenger Muhned Muhammet Oudah, who was taken into custody for his testimony, was released after operations on the Antalya Airport Branch Directory. Muhammad Muhammet Oudah and 219 passengers of the plane, which caused about $ 20,000 in damage to the plane, were then sent to Istanbul by another aircraft assigned by the same airline.

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