Osmanlıspor – Tetis Construction Elazigspor: 1-1


Sports Toto 1 League 13 weekend start in the field of the Ottomanspor Tetis Yapi Elazigspor with a 1-1 draw. After this result, 9 points in the league score of the Ottomans, 17, 17 in the construction of the 11th Tetis Yapi Elazigspor.

Ottomanspor: 1 – Tetis Yapi Elazigspor: 1

Statistics: Bolu Atatürk

Referees: Burak Şeker, Burak Cansız, Çetin Öncel

Ottomanspor: Karcemarskas, Caner Arıcı, Sinan Kurt (Dk. 40 Mertan Caner Öztürk), Ayuk (Dk. 56 Beykan Şimşek), Burhan Eşer (Dk. 73 Oğuzhan Erdoğan), Hasan Kılıç, Muhammed Bayır, Numan Çürüksu, Lumanza, Anıl Karaer Magaye

Technical Director: Osman Özköylü

Tetis Yapi Elazigpor: Soner Sahin, Kadir Bekmezci, Ahmet Aras, Orhan Damas, Tatos, Adem Alkasi, Bagayoko (Dk. 62 Kadir Tasoglu), Ali Firat Okur, Diarra (Dk. 73 Murathan Ozen), Mehmet Yigit, Emre Ozturk

Manager: Orhan Kaynak

Objectives: min. 59 Mertan Caner Öztürk (Osmanlıspor); Min. 31 Andreas Tatos (Tetis Yapi Elazigspor)

Red Card: Min. 36 Magaye Gueye (Osmanlispor)

Yellow Cards: Min. 85 Beykan Şimşek, Dk. 90 + 2 Anıl Karaer (Osmanlıspor); Min. 11 Moussa Bagayoko, Dk. 38 Soner Sahin, Dk. 62 Emre Öztürk, Dk. 90 + 2 Adem Alkashi (Tetis Yapi Elazigspor)

After the game

Osman Özköylü: "(Stat change) We play as outside".

Sports Toto League 1 of the 13th week Tetis Yapi Elazigspor with a 1-1 draw Osmansettin Özköylü & un coach, despite the fact that 10 people said they found the goal draw.

Özköylü, in a press conference after the match, said he started the meeting very badly: "In fact, we had to start in a more aggressive and fast way, we had to print a little further on, unfortunately we left the game in the first 15-20 We stayed behind, we accepted the game, we had to be aggressive. " he said.

Özköylü who drew attention to the fact that they played a different game after the red card and the goals they ate, said:

"After 10 people, we presented a very different resistance and a lot of fighting.There was an Ottoman player who produced more positions in the field.After 10 people, we could not say that we did not give position to the opponent.We are glad we deserved the victory, and on our behalf we will consider this game the winner.

Playing the game in Bolu

Özköylü also reacted to the meeting in Bolu because of the ground problem at the Ottoman Stadium.

Özköylü on his talk on this subject would not be very accurate, "we played a week ago Istanbulspor game the field was worse than now. expressions used.

One of the members of the press, "could the meeting in Ankara affect the outcome of the play?" to the question of Özköylü, gave the following answer:

"The course of the game, the red card event, affects a few things, but we have a field that we are accustomed to.The atmosphere and the environment fit in. So that could have made us advantageous.We did not have any audience here. were. "

Osman Özköylü emphasized that there is no harm in playing this game in Ankara. "It was the first time in history that a match was canceled 1 day in advance.This does not fit the mind of logic.I do not know how there is a thought and planning behind it.Maybe In the end we came here, maybe it cost us 2 points, the Ankaragucu has left, perhaps the score of them has been given to that decision.

Orhan Source: "We play a second invisible half"

Tetis Yapi Elazigspor Technical Director Orhan Kaynak said that every score obtained is very important, "the points are very important in the field or in the field, especially for the teams on the bottom line, as each point is valuable." he said.

When we look at the game before the opponent to see a red card that transfers more resources, "We could lead the game the way we wanted to, when 10 people were left in the future, we could not keep the ball, I congratulate you for the points they receive . "found in the evaluation.


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