No news from Vesile, who left his home in Adana on Sunday


According to information obtained from the city of Seyhan Seyhan incident occurred. Vesile Ergen (20) left home on Sunday night and never returned home. According to the UAV, her family went to the Şakirpaşa police station and asked for the disappearance. However, there was no news of the girl after that day.

The last images of the girl crossing the street the day she disappeared also appeared. The young mother's mother, Mary Ergen (51), with her sister Kader Uykan (26), did not hear about the young woman who started crying.

"If you love one, we'll give it to you again.

Abla Uykan, "We want to find the dead or the survivor.We have been unhappy since he left.Return to the house.We love you very much.If you love someone, we also give you what you love.ōĀÝ We finished. I'll miss you so much, what's back, "he shouted.

Police are looking for the girl everywhere about the application of the family.


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