News: Snowfall and type roads in Ardahan closed .. Here are the latest photos from the region


The cold, rainy weather in Ardahan turned to snow in the wee hours of the morning. The kind of influence in the city has a negative impact on life, while the road disruption Ardahan-Çıldır.

Due to the intensive type of traffic near the village of Beyrehatun in the district of Çıldır stopped. While waiting for drivers to open the road, the teams continue to work on snow removal and salting.

In a written statement made by the 183 Highways Board. Branch, the city began by the early hours of the morning and the completely white snow of the city falling in the high-cut type is specified.

Transfer of Ardahan-Posof and Ardahan-Şavşat highway due to snowfall and the type of transport in a discontinued declaration, the Ardahan-Posof Ilgar highway, Ardahan-Şavşat highway in the Sahara region is not allowed to pass large vehicles were registered.

According to the statement, the snowfall continued to be indicated, since the cherry is expected on the road from the night, drivers were asked to be cautious.

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It was learned that special efforts were made by the special teams of the villages of the villages of Beşiktaş and Meşedibi.


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