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News: Pay attention to used vehicles! It was the vehicle and money

A civil servant from Bursa was the victim of a thug. The official, who did not want his name disclosed, explained the interesting event he had:

"To meet our needs, I sold my vehicle on a site of 80,000 lire." One person said that he was living outside the city and he said he would buy the car. a person to whom he was referring, I said, I am unemployed, seeing the person I sent him. sending a ceasefire, he demanded the money back from the transfer of the vehicle, and although I told him that I had "I transferred the vehicle to the person you sent," I could not tell anyone about my problem. I did not prove a link between the person I sold and the person who sent the money and I had to pay 79,000 pounds. I'm in love with my car if it's gone, am I on my money gone? "

Citizens who do not neglect the victim's officer, "People are very careful when selling their vehicles. If the money is sold from the sales on behalf of it to run." used expressions.

On the other hand, in a site that used second-hand vehicles, methods of fraud were discussed. Here are the most commonly used methods in the second-hand vehicle: "Pert has taken a vehicle and the new and clean appearance of fraudulent consumers who are victims." TRAMER query, the damage in question, if accident reports were processed to the official records can be obtained.Therefore, one of the most common methods of fraud is to accept the prepayment of the vehicle and avoid the risk.Meanwhile, you can sign to not hire the notary or teleport you.

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