Nevzat Dindar: Maicon and Feghouli will definitely go


Super League The Fenerbahçe derby leads by 2-0 on the field, despite the result of 2-2 with a score of 1, 2-0 in the Schalke Champions League and defeated the developments in Galatasaray …

Nevzat Dindar, a reporter for Milliyet Newspaper, evaluated the events of the yellow-red team on Skorer TV.

Here are the comments of Dindar: "Derbide already had the tension. G.Saray this Schalke game with psychology came last time. After the game reached the summit.

"We can not link the result to events in derbide"

G. Saray had problems in terms of system and tactics. G. Schalke game in Istanbul, the performance was not very good. We can not link the result to events in derbide. Fatih Terim teams, these are not negative, but should create a positive effect. If we look at the phenomenon with a goal; this procedure is referred to the Disciplinary Board on Tuesday. Today the penalty will be announced. Fenerbahce also have a match. Will it not be adversely affected?

G.Saraylı footballers are sharing in social media, but I wish you were in the field appearing together. You must fight in the field, not on the field. I wish there was a union and interconnection in the field. There was no sign that the team would win at Schalke.

"Fatih Hodja was annoyed by the president's statements"

Before the departure of Schalke, President Mustafa Cengiz made statements at the airport. "We had the opportunity to defeat the 6-0 psychosis in derby," he said. Very clear information … Fatih's teacher was annoyed by the president's comments. As a result of the F.Shari field in the field. There is a crisis. A few words came from my conversation with the congressmen in Germany. Gomis was going to be sold, there were plans from A to E. Galatasaray needs to be blocked. However, you may not be able to show this photo or integrity.

"Fatih Terim was left alone"

Division in the house, the absence of absolute authority, unfortunately, only Fatih Terim. I'm not talking about what hit the table with your fist. When we look at speech, positive language is used. After the derby, the chairman and the board of directors and Fatih Terim's perception of the team emerged.

"The draw was as traumatized as defeat."

This team is the champion of last season. Represents our country in the Champions League. His opponent reaches the coach without a match, 2-0 of the game is reaching 2-2. The draw created both trauma and defeat. The pessimistic point is not the point at which the team is. G. can not succeed by fighting like that.

"Training time fell from 1.5 hours to 40 minutes"

I've already been told, "They've come to the end." No wonder they did not. The training distance was 7 kilometers during the Tudor period and has now dropped to 4 kilometers. Training time from 1.5 hours to 40 minutes. You are sending Gomis, you are not buying players. You say "I'm going to make a quick team," but the team is running less. Rodrigues is looking for Gomis. Add other players. There is no precise transfer planning. Gomis did not smile at this team. Mistakes are made in defense. These results are inevitable when Muslera is added to them.

Onyekuru's Answer

Onyekuru before the Schalke game in the Champions League, & Derbide events affected you? We asked the question. "Why not impress? The Champions League is a completely different platform," he replied.

"Hasan Şaş should be self-critical"

Hasan Shash says he was provoked. After this period, you will not be able to say "Promise defense" about these images. G. Self-criticism should be made.

"You have to play Selçuk"

You must play Selçuk in the game Kayserispor. I think Celil will also be used in the league game.

"Maicon is not a dead investment"

Maicon is not a dead investment. You can take it out at any time. Feghouli suffered a major disappointment in the Champions League. Fatih Terim at the end of Feghouli's first half and "get in the locker room," he said. He warmed, but in the second half could not wear the uniform. I think Feghouli will go with G.


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