Monday , October 18 2021

Mysterious discovery on the surface of the moon


Scientists have announced that they have discovered an unknown giant mass on the surface of the Earth's orbit.

According to an article published in the April issue of the journal Geophysical Research, researchers found that they discovered an unknown mass in the largest crater of the moon, but they still did not know what it was and where it came from.

According to Fox News, the researchers said it could be one of the asteroid fragments that hit one of the satellites in the sky, and that this fragmentation may have created the crater.

Dr. Baylor University. In his article, Peter James stated that this mass was a stack of metals five times larger than the Hawaiian island and that the mass was unexpectedly large.

According to NASA, the American Aeronautics and Space Administration, the mass reaches about a quarter of the moon. It is estimated that the environment around the moon is 11 thousand kilometers.

Dr. James, in the article he wrote, how and where the abnormal is that mass came.

Another possibility of mass formation in the last stage of the moon's oceanic magma after the solidification of dense oxidation, he said.

Anyway, the researchers think that this public offers the best natural laboratory to investigate catastrophic events.


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