Municipal officials saved the woman who jumped into the sea – ENKOCAELİ.COM


An interesting event in Izmit today recorded. The woman, whose name could not be learned, jumped into the sea of ​​the pier. Located on the quay docked on the boat, the officer jumped into the sea, saved her from drowning.

According to the information and allegations, the incident occurred in the morning, the wharf in Izmit Marina. In the images reflected in the security cameras, the woman arrived at the pier and jumped into the sea after sitting on her side.


The people at the marina and the people on the tour boat, rushing to help, screaming, asked for help around. Meanwhile, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the official, immediately jump into the sea, swam, the sea came the woman fluttering. Those on the quay laid down a lifeline. She was saved from drowning. She was taken to the hospital, the treatment was done, we learned that the state of health is good.


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