MPI Numeric Result Lotto February 27th! Numeric Lottery Results Query Screen


Lottery lottery results announced. The National Lottery Administration Lottery is held every week at 9:45 pm on Wednesday. The digital lotto lotto is broadcast live on Numerical lottery results with bonus information in about 15-20 minutes are announced on MPI's official website.


Numerical game Lotto week 1196 draw 6 who did not know, 7 million 725 thousand 687 pounds 37 cents transferred.

According to the statement made by the National Lottery Administration, 132 people who know 5 in the lottery 3 thousand 773 pounds 10? Kurus air, 4 know 6 thousand 749 people 55 pounds 80? Kurus and 3 know 111 thousand 41 people they won 9 pounds 50 pound jackpot.

A total of 1 million 929 thousand 532 pounds 90 kurus bonus distributed in the lottery, 1 million 234 thousand 689 pounds 41 as the VAT, as the Game of Chance, the tax will be transferred to the public as 691 thousand 591 pounds.


It is a game of chance, organized by Management, based on an accurate estimate of numbers 6, 5, 4 and 3, which will be determined by participants in the set of numbers 1-49.

Bonuses from dealers, dealers and affiliates are determined by management. Bonuses expire after 1 year from the date of the draw.

Tickets that are not accepted by the system, forged, distorted, torn, expired, canceled are not paid. For a ticket to be paid for a ticket, the minimum number of points, bar code, ticket security number and ticket serial number on the back must be clearly read.

Numerical lottery game for a few weeks in a row over the success of six numbers not correctly predicted the increase in the number of revolutions in the following weeks in the multiplication of lottery plan with a very high increase in the number of the game, "a week of the six players in the game if the bonus assigned to this group, the next week the number will be transferred to the correct predictor.

The winners of the lottery winners of the lottery game,

  • (3) and (4) those who know,
  • (5) those who know, Lotto dealer bonuses or MPI affiliates,
  • (6) For those who know, their bonuses are paid by the General Board and by the Branches (Branch Directorates up to 500,000 TL).

The draw is to determine the numbers to be won by using the special lottery ball according to the game plan. Drawings will be made on the day and time to be determined by the Contracting Authority.

MPI FEBRUARY 23 DIGITAL LOTO RESULTS: 17 – 27 – 40 – 43 – 46 – 47

6 people knew: 5. speed Bonus amount per person: $ 6,500.00
5 people knew: 97 Bonus amount per person: $ 780.00
4 people knew: 6535 Bonus amount per person: 81.25 TL
3 people knew: 124 719 Bonus amount per person:


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