Ministry of National Defense İmamoğlu & # 39; description


The Ministry of National Defense, the ceremony held today in Anıtkabir, was reported by the participants to act in a manner that is not in accordance with the procedures and principles of the ceremony, and alerted the relevant personnel on the matter.

All ceremonies performed at Anıtkabir were performed in accordance with the "Aniktabir Services Directive".

In the statement, "Today, at the ceremony held in Anıtkabir, the participants of the ceremony acted according to the principles and procedures of the ceremony. Relevant personnel were advised." been given.

Visit as "President"

According to the information received, the CHP, "Mayor of the Mayor" Ekrem İmamoğlu & nun asked to visit the Mausoleum. However, demand was not accepted due to the fact that the decision of the Supreme Election Board (YSK) was not finalized.

After this, a request from Imamoglu that he would visit Anıtkabir with a delegation representing CHP was sent in writing and the visit was made within this scope. However, after Imamoglu's visit to the mausoleum, it was understood that he signed the Anıtkabir Private Book with the title of "Mayor of the Municipality" and used the title in question creating a de facto situation, except for the knowledge and consent of the commander.

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