MHP President Alpaslan Hussein armed attack …


The mayor of Osmaniye Hasanbeyli, in the district of Alpaslan Koca, and two other people were injured in the attack. According to information received, Husband, his nephew and went to a private hospital in Osmaniye to visit the patient's hospital. On the way out, an armed attack was carried out against the mayor and those with him.


The injured husband and two people were being treated in a private hospital. It was clear that Mayor Alpaslan Koca was not life threatening according to the initial orders, and efforts to capture the suspects continued.

The chief medical officer of the private hospital Recep Aydin, told reporters, injured in the leg of the attack Hasanbeyli Mayor Alpaslan Koca and Murat Karakaya, had been operated in the hospital, he said.

Expressing that the state of health of Koca and Karakaya is good, Aydın said "Our president and Murat Karakaya had their surgeries, they have good general conditions, they do not present risks to life, they continue their treatment in the intensive care unit. he said.


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