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UEFA EURO qualification 2020 Group H second match in Turkey, New Eskişehir Stadium Hasan Ali Pavement, Kaan Ayhan and Cenk Tosun (2) scored the goals to beat Moldova 4-0.

After the fight, the successful technical director of our national team, Senol Gunes, answered questions at the press conference.

Here are the important statements of Senol Gunes at the press conference:

"We saw that we overcame the two opponents in the role, it was important that he appeared in the field, we wanted to start well in two games, he had his tension in us, we had superiority in both games.

"Moldova, France, played the same way as in the game, we saw the right team to play this game, Moldova played a different game, we played a different game, we played a great offense here, the superiority score of the game was reflected . "

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Immediate response to the Ferrari analogy

"Not long ago, the Moldovan coach compared France to Ferrari and their own teams in an old car.The answer to the question of the sun:

"We are a good football team, we do not look like a car.

& # 39; We should be happy & # 39;

"It's the right of the whole country to be happy." Art and sport are important for the union of society, we want to take the football forward, we said: Let's write the story together, we play 2 games, this is Working together, being happy, being a family, doing good things is the right of the whole Turkish nation.

"Our President, our people, our workers, our officers … When the results are united, when the country needs to change, everybody will do it, but they will have to argue.

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& # 39; We want to change something & # 39;

"We've come to change things, but no one can do it alone, the whole country is going to do it together." This is Senol Sun, not ours;

Ozan Kabak photo

"This is not the period of the Senol Sun, but our period.I had Emre when I was 20 years old when I was in the national team, the most experienced today.Ozan Kabak, today was his birthday, but he was not in the team because I know the pain of it. "

"We will have economic or health problems, we always have, but we can give support.I see good intentions, I go at the feet of everyone.Good faith and clean heart, God will help."

& # 39; Everyone should work & # 39;

"The players are all well-intentioned.Those who do not play want to play with emotion.Sometimes I am making a mistake when I am making one.It is not enough to come here, they will feel the thrill here.France will try to be in field in the game, let's give this fight together.

"National team can not get a result.Three days we did not sleep at all.Our own team, and we won by analyzing competitors.We might not win, but then I would not be comfortable in consciousness.

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Explained his dream

"Eskişehir soccer city, we see everyone joining the national team, it's not difficult to get a nice atmosphere with its warmth and atmosphere.

"Temporary task is a special situation.I did not want such a thing, I always said.End of the season is my future, now I'm naked.That period is over."

& # 39; We do not want war & # 39;

"This country is a country left by those who sacrifice their lives.This country has been established but we do not want war.We want to unite this country established by blood and blood.

Reviews of Besiktas

"From now on the task of the national team is over.I love my club, but I keep the national team above all.National team and Besiktas will not be separated, the national team is on it.We did not do wrong, no I know how I came to Besiktas, you will learn how I have been. "


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