Match of the day in the UEFA League of Nations!


The 7th week of the UEFA League started with 7 matches.

UEFA's new organization at the level of the national teams in the 6th week of games A, B, C and D 7 was played in the championship. Switzerland and England became the semifinals of Portugal after Portugal.

Switzerland defeated Belgium 2-0 in the Turkish second division, defeating 5-2. With this result, Switzerland reached 9 points, took the lead on the Belgian side and reached the semi-finals of the UEFA League of Nations.

The League 4 & # 39; inci Group in the UK hosted the match 2-1 won the match. England in the semi-final with 7 points in the group, Croatia fell to the B League.

Hungary won the 2nd Group C League, which had already won League B with a score of 2-0 and won the 2nd place.

In Group D 2, Belarus defeated San Marino 2-0 and managed to climb to League C with 14 points.

The 6th week of the League of Nations will continue with 9 matches. At the important event of the week, Germany will host the Netherlands in Group A, Group 1.

The results are as follows:

A leash

Group 2: Switzerland-Belgium: 5-2

Group 4: England-Croatia: 2-1


Group 3: Northern Ireland-Austria: 1-2


Group 2: Hungary-Finland: 2 to 0

Greece-Estonia: 0-1


Group 2: San Marino-Belarus: 0-2

Moldova-Luxembourg: 1-1


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