Manchester City takes a rematch of Tottenham: 1-0 COMPETITION SUMMARY


Manchester City have met Tottenham in a gigantic match of the championship race in the Premier League. The two teams have faced twice in the last 12 days and faced the third season in the Premier League today. The first two games played in the Champions League in Manchester City and Tottenham had the side of the Tottenham field desired. Tottenham 1-0 win in the field in the first game in the field, despite the loss of 4-3 away the side had skipped. In the Premier League duel, this time the 5-minute winner in the 1-0 win with Foden's goal was Manchester City.

During the 35th week of the Premier League, Manchester City hosted Tottenham at Ethiad Stadium.

Final of the Champions League Champions League with Tottenham 4-3 score, but the semi-final entry for the opponent who lost his opponent Manchester City, this time did not forgive his league opponents.

The home team took the lead 5 minutes in, foden's Foden. Manchester City made no mistakes in their attacks during the Tottenham game and could not evaluate the opportunities and the fight ended in 1 x 0.

With this result, Manchester City reached 86 points and took back the seat of Liverpool of 85 points.

In the 36th week of the Premier League, Manchester City will face tough Manchester United on Wednesday, April 24; Tottenham will host Brighton on Tuesday (23 April).


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