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Müge Anlı watch live February 6th! The murder of high school student Filiz Karadavut is among the topics discussed in the publication of Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert. Abla Cigdem Cakirer did not admit that his wife Umut Cakirer had killed his sister. However, a shocked confession made following an interview with Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert on Friday. In another incident, the family thinks that Ahmet Kaymaz had died, married the bride with Kaymaz's brother. Your son is looking for his father, Ahmet Kaymaz. Another event on the agenda was the Seher Okusal event. Sevilay Aha came to see your mother, Seher Okusal. The ex-wife of Mevlüt Okusal, Seher Okusal, confessed to the murder of Mevlüt. Here, watch the confession of the murder of Sister Cigdem Cakirer!


Sevilay Aha (17), daughter of Seher Okusal, who had no news since 2012 in Kocaeli, said she wanted to find her mother on the TV show. In response, the Board of Directors of the Department of Public Security of the Kocaeli Police Department staff opened the file, Sevilay Aha & # 39; nın took the deposition. Expression of the teams, who lived in the period in which he was admitted to the individual expression of everyone who knows Okok. After receiving testimony from a large number of people living in different provinces, the person who met Seher Okusal recently M.N. I learned that. In addition, on the day of the disappearance of Seher Okusal, his latest brother, Mevlut Okusal, was visited at Çayırova's house in Kocaeli.


In the course of the studies, the ex-wife of Mevlüt Okusal was also referred to by M.G. M.G. in his statement; said his ex-wife Mevlut Okusal told him that he had killed his sister during a fight and told him to throw the body into a black garbage bag and threw it into a forest area.


After this work, the house of Mevlüt Okusal in Istanbul Küçükçekmece and M.N. Operations in the last interview with Mevlüt Okusal and his father Hayrettin Okusal and Seher Okusal M.N. was taken into custody and taken to the police headquarters. After receiving statements from the police, Hayrettin Okusal and M.N. were released on instructions from the Public Ministry.


The statement of Mevlüt Okusal in the police; Seher Okusal came home drunk the night of the incident, so he learned he had argued, pushed his sister through the argument and said that Seher Okusal had hit the wall and died after falling to the ground. Mevlüt Okusal then placed his sister's body in the black garbage bag, leaving his body behind the edge of the stream behind the creek, where the body took a place after a while, Gebze Cumaköy Quarter threw shrubs, he said .

Mevlüt Okusal, said the body said the research where the research was done.

Mevlüt Okusal, which was completed in security, was sent to court.

Details of the brutal massacre of Seher Okusal appeared in Müge Anlı After a few hours in front of the police, Mevlutt Okusal confessed everything.


Mevlüt Okusal's ex-wife, Yasar Aha, told her that you and I and Sevilay would live together on the show, she said. trying to get me off the road while trying to work, "he said.Aha admitted that she had taken such an approach.


Kocaeli police detectives found about two hours of work and reached the bag. And it appeared on the bones of that bag.

The ex-wife of Mevlüt Okusal showed the black bag reached.


Müge Anlı started a new topic today. Fatma Bozavci, a woman with Alzheimer's disease, was unable to recover the house and had been missing since August.

Hatice Olgun, the daughter of Fatma Bozavci, has joined Muge Anli's program and expects her mother to be found.

In the incident in Burdur, the elderly woman on the road asking for help and no one seems to help.

A man seeking help is washing his car. Although the person who was washing his car was a guard and the janitor knew that Fatma Bozavci was Alzheimer's, he did not help.

According to Hatice Olgun's allegation, the daughter of the old woman, it is alleged that the guard is malevolent and may be behind the bracelets on his mother's arm.

In addition to the disappearance of Hatice Olgun, it can be said that he may have died and that he may even have been the victim of murder.

Fatma Bozavci, who has been missing for 7 months, is under investigation.

Müge Anlı's team traces the ways in which the older woman can go live in Burdur.


Çiğdem Çakırer claimed that his wife Umut Çakırer had not killed his sister and that his brother Filiz Karadavut was living there. Çiğdem Çakırer said to the husband, "After killing too."


Umut Çakırer, the murder suspect of the murder of Filiz Karadavut, spoke to his wife Çiğdem Çakırer on the telephone.

Defendant Umut Cakirer dismissed the charges.

Umut Cakirer; I'm sure I have no problem. It has nothing to do with me, "he said.

In the continuation of the words of Cakirer Enişte said that they knew the event.

Umut Cakirer; "Taking the testimony of all in themselves, my expression was written by them." he said.


Çiğdem Çakırer claimed that his wife Umut Çakırer had not killed his sister and that his brother Filiz Karadavut was alive.

On Friday after the live broadcast in the studio during the conversation with his sister Zigda Cakirer was not angry and made a confession of shock.

Çiğdem Çakırer told her husband, "After killing," she said.

Çiğdem insisted that she saw her sister at the market 1 or 2 years ago, but did not go after him because she had children with her. He said he was sure that his wife had not committed this murder.

However, Çiğdem's wife, Umut Çakırer, confessed to death. Another event is that brain brain has disappeared relationship with Filiz Karadavut.


A new development in the murder of high school student Filiz Karadavut was announced in Müge Anlı. Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert live in the transmission of the school friend of Filiz Karadavut. The friend of the school who did not want to give his name said the important details. Filiz, a school friend who did not want to give his name, said he had a class above him and rarely discussed it. Phillip, his classmate who hid his name, said he was pregnant. When her classmate told Filiz that she did not believe she was pregnant, she explained that the high school student, Filiz Karadavut, tested herself in a pregnancy. Filiz, pregnant, said she was pregnant so she would never go to school again.

The other daughter of Durna Karadavut, the mother of Durna Karadavut, Çiğdem Çakırer, told her husband Umut and his sister Filiz in the same bed. Durna stated that in the program that the child is from Umut.


Çiğdem Çakırer informed her that her husband, Umut Çakırer, was in good condition and that she was comfortable not to have done this incident.

Umut Cakirer "mourn" the word never come out of his mouth Çiğdem Çakırer told the cameras of his wife's shock charges.

Umut Cakirer charged with shock. He claimed that he had beaten his daughters and threw them in the door. The defendant, Umut Çakırer, claimed that he had not seen the region in his statement. Cigdem Cakirer explained that her husband had just seen these areas.

Çiğdem Çakırer made an impressive charge about his brother's murder. Çiğdem Çakırer; "My mother and Ahmet will be in Karadavut." he said.


Muhalmet Alperen Özen, a lawyer who was interviewed by Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert with a telephone connection.

Muhammmet Alperen Özen in the consultation "absolutely no allegation of torture is not in question," he said.

Özen explained that Umut Çakırer spoke about the murder and accepted the murder.

"Tied to the rope and drowned


Mardin Ahmet Kaymaz, 54, who would have died in Lebanon, would be living in northern Iraq, and Mehmet Selim Kaymaz was looking for his father, Ahmet Kaymaz, who would have died in Lebanon with an Israeli bomb.

Mehmet Selim Kaymaz, who came to Müge Anlı, learned that his father was "dead" in Lebanon, it is believed that Ahmet Kaymaz introduced himself to the trucks and that he lived there.

Ahmet Kaymaz, the family died after the death of the Nazife family Kaymaz 'coined with his brother-in-law not wanting to give the name.

Mehmet Selim Kaymaz described his experiences as follows: We knew that our father died. When my father goes to Lebanon, Israel is bombed in two or three months. As a result of this bombardment, 5 of our village are coming to our village. My father's funeral is not coming to the village.


Ahmet Kaymaz learned that his wife was married by honor of the marriage and was told in the program that he was living in Zaho in northern Iraq and is believed to have died after the attack in Lebanon. His parents thought Ahmet Kaymaz had died and then married his wife to Ahmet Kaymaz's brother. Felek, daughter of Ahmet Kaymaz, who came to the program today, said he just wanted to know that his father was alive. At the same time, Felek said they had known their uncles for years as "Daddy." Then, after the speeches in the village, they discovered that their uncle was not their father.


Muge Anlı linked to the live broadcast War Bey, "to go to Zaho & # 39; to Zaho" when I went to meet me, "said Savaş Bey, Ahmet Bey, said he did not accept when he said he could reach his family. "he said.


Seher Okusal, divorced from his wife in 2007, has not had news for 4 years. The fact that she was the head of Mrs. Seher, 34, was not yet known, but the allegations made it horrible to disturb the audience.

It was alleged that Seher Okusal was killed by his brother Mevlüt Bey. However, Mrs. Seher's corpse could not be reached in any way. Sevilay's 18-year-old daughter of Okusal, Sevilay Aha, asked her uncle about this claim: Mevlüt Bey, he stated that the slander was launched.

Allegedly, Mevlüt Bey killed his brother during this fight and wrapped his body in a rug. According to another claim, his brother, Mevlüt, fed his brother, Seher's body, with the dogs. According to the research of the team of Müge Anlı; With Mrs. Seher's identity, no health care institution has been requested in the past 7 years and no state institution has been treated. Again, this case strengthens the claim that Ms. Hanim died.

Seher's aunt, Okusalem Güllü, also claimed that the murder was committed by Mevlüt. According to the aunt's statement; Okay Seher, your brother wants Mevlut Okusal money, Mevlut Okusal money is not easily won – and two brothers between the two said there is a fight between the expression.


Mevlut made impressive claims in the Okusal program. Mevlüt Okusal claimed that her older sister, Seher Okusal, was trying to sell her other sister. he said.


Mevlüt Okusal, who claimed to have killed Seher Okusal, spoke with the cameras of Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert.

Mevlüt Okusal said he saw his sister in 2011,2012,2013 and 2014.

In the continuation of Okuse's words; "He said the gallery was changing my sister's face," he said.

Mevlut Okusal stated that he had learned from Mikail Bey that his older sister, Seher, had disappeared.

In the continuation of the Okusal speech, Mikail said that he had done to his sister: loves He took her to the forest and said ı Say the last prayers Ok, but he could not kill because he could not bear. he said.

She said her older sister, Sher, was beating Mikail Bey.

Mevlüt Okusal claimed to have killed his sister: "Mikail Bey's relatives invaded my house, my sister wanted to show me my house," he said.


The ex-wife of Mevlüt Okusal was also referred to by M.G. M. G. In his statement, his ex-wife Mevlüt Okusal told him that he had beaten his sister during a fight and threw the body into a black garbage bag and threw in the woods.

Simultaneous operations were carried out for the house of Mevlüt Okusal at his house in Küçükçekmece, Istanbul and for the house of M.N. in Gebze. Operations in the last interview with Mevlüt Okusal, his father Hayrettin Okusal and Seher Okusal M.N. was taken into custody and taken to police headquarters. Following the statements made in safety, Hayrettin Okusal and M.N. The prosecutor's office released the request.

Mevlüt Okusal's testimony in police said his elder sister, Seher Okusal, arrived drunk at home the night of the incident; Mevlut Okusal then put his sister's body in a black garbage bag on the edge of a stream behind his house where the body took a little while to take the body Gebze Cumaköy neighborhood threw a shrub area, he said. It was learned that Mevlüt Okusal would search for the place where he played the body. Mevlüt Okusal, which was completed in security, was sent to court.


Cigdem Cakirer's wife, Umut Cakirer, was arrested for the murder of his sister-in-law Filiz Karadavut. His wife, Umut Cakirer, participated in the program that accepted the crime Çiğdem Çakırer, who joined the Müge Anlı; "My brother Filiz, the last person to see on the phone, was arrested by my wife," he said. Çiğdem Çakırer has an incredible statement. The mother of Çakırer, sister of Filiz Karadavut, Durna Karadavut, mother of Karadavut, 12 years after the murder of her son-in-law Umut Cakirer's son-in-law, said.


Çiğdem Çakırer lives: "My wife told me:" If I had an eye for your sister, we would not have children, I would buy. "Who would have said anything to me?" he said. Soon after Müge Anlı asked, After the murder, kardeş but Çiğdem Çakırer confessed the fact that he said … After killing his sister Sasha loves, Çiğdem Çakırer confessed to having killed his wife's sister, Filiz Karadavut. The next day, Cigdem Cakirer, who was connected to the telephone by telephone, repeatedly said that his wife had not killed Filiz, saying that he had misunderstood Anli.


Durna Karadavut said Muge Anli wanted to join the program years ago and was blocked by her daughter. Defending the persistent innocence of his wife to Mrs. Çiğdem Hanim & Müig Anlı shared the testimony of the witness in the indictment. Çiğdem Çakırer, mother Durna Hanay years ago, if the statement had been presented to the prosecutor's office, he said that his life can shape in different directions. Cigdem Hanim's brother, Murat Karadavut, said that his mother suspected Umut Cakir, his son-in-law, before his brother disappeared. In addition, he showed that the activities of the incident related to the safety of his brother-in-law pointed to Umut Cakirer's.


Consultant Kenan Müge Anlı Sweet Hard program to find his daughter had arrived. The shocking facts about the consultant were announced.

Kenan Consultant was arrested and sent to prison in 1990 to kill a 17-year-old boy. After the adviser was released, many offenses, such as usurpation, stabbing and looting, were committed in Kocaeli Province. He was sent to prison to serve a sentence of 15 years and 3 months and 21 days.


The AK Party's MKYK and FMC meetings held the day before with the horrible claims of the Palu family television program were discussed. Some of the council members, harassment, rape, murder and magic allegations are coming to the agenda of the program has drawn attention to children and young people.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: "They are offended by society." Some members of the board, RTÜK is insufficient, a new control and control mechanism should be established, specifying that punishment is not the solution, the importance of an agreement on the advertiser pointed out.


Cemile was separated from her parents in Aksaray and when she was 7 she was adopted by a family in İzmir.

Cemal Duru, who was living in Bayraklı, is looking for her brother, Ayşe Duru, who was adopted because she does not want her stepmother.


Müge Anlı was born in İstanbul on 19 December 1973. Her father was İhsan Anlı.


He graduated from the Faculty of Communication at the University of Marmara. He completed his masters degree at Kadir Has University, Institute of Social Sciences. In 2008 he divorced journalist Burhan Akdağ. This was the first daughter of the wedding and Anlı, who started her television career, did a program where she talked about Dobra magazine, which she did at Kanal D and another magazine called Şenay Düdek. After making a show together for a season, he continued programming with Düdek Cenk Eren at FOX and Anlı with Pakize Suda at Kanal D. He stopped acting as a presenter and became a full featured presenter; Atv began presenting his own talk show. In the program, people who are looking for their lost relatives are welcome, and murders that are not known or still working can not be found. In the program called "Var", people who could not find their relatives due to various events and could not find them were invited.

Müge Anlı became the favorite face of the ATV screen with the award for Best Female Server and the Tatlı Sert program. Ilker Yasin presented Anli with the award.


Birgül Yartım lives in Bakırköy, Istanbul in 1984, with his wife and three children. Hospital officials for his son "died" three days later, he said. When he asked for his death certificate, he was informed by the authorities that Yartim had emptied the hospital and that the records had been erased.

At that time, Mrs. Marin Ham, the child's body saw or even buried in Topkapi Cemetery, he said. However, Birgül does not remember his place and believes that Marin Hanim is lying.

42 years ago with his younger sister Sirkeci Railway Station was abandoned. Young sister, Melahat Ilgaz lives in the air. The entire Young Basic family was found in the Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert program, and Young and Melahat Ilgaz met live with their other two brothers for the first time. Years later, there were emotional moments.


Müge Anlı hosted 21-year-old Nursena Haşlaman, who served as referee. It was announced that the young woman named Melek Keles was born at Avcılar Candan Hospital.

She was 17 and educated by the mother of Nursena Haşlaman, Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert. He wants to hug his mother and hear his voice.

Nursena Haşlaman, "I secretly meet my mother outside." he said.


Beyza Sahin, 18, participated in the program with his wife Sefa.

The mother, who was engaged at a time, pregnant and separated from the person named Murat Beyza, then joined the program to look for her true father.

In the neighborhood where he lived from time to time said that it was said, but did not believe in Beyza, 3 months ago, the person you asked his mother told him and said he was very surprised by the answer.


Since childhood, well it is known by the younger generation, which is one of the leading ATV channels in Turkey, beginning to test the transmission was established on July 12, 1993. Channel, normal transmission life after a few months; It all started on September 9, 1993. Although the founder of the ATV, Dinç Bilgin; until today, changed hands frequently and underwent several changes.

In fact, Initially, there were three groups that pioneered the establishment of ATV. Dinç Bilgin (Bilgin Group), Hüznü Özyeğin (Fiba) and Mehmet Emin Karamehmet (Group Çukurova). The establishment of the ATV was carried out with the company called Satel, formed by these three organizations. But then Özyeğin; actions with two partners have left ATV. Because he wanted to give all his time and energy to the growth of Finansbank. Thus, the group began to manage two groups, namely Bilgin and Çukurova. As a result of disagreements between these two groups, Dinç Bilgin somehow took control of the ATV, handed over all name rights to Merkez Yayıncılık and the channel continued its broadcast.

In 2002, the channel was transferred to the Ciner Group and continued its transmission in this way. In 2007, it was sold to Turkuvaz AS, one of the companies of Çalık Holding. We all know that the ATV, which shared the same fate with the Sabah newspaper, has the same owners of this newspaper.

Matrices other than ATV; Iştir Who Wants To Be A Millionaire leyic, La Sweet Hard With Müge Antilha, "Nihat Hatipoğlu With Dosta Doğru An also served his audience. In recent years, Nihar Hatipoğlu's iftar and sahur programs have increased channel value and viewing rate.

In the remaining time of the new series and shows, the episodes of Adanalı, Alemin King, Yahşi Attraction and Today's.

A total of 270 series of ATVs were transmitted until the day. (Completed and unfinished). More than 70 contests and comedy shows have also worked on this channel.

When we come to 2015; Turquoise Media Group, under the auspices of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Australia, Romania, United States and continues its activities in many European regions. The headquarters are in Beşiktaş. ATV Europe, a news, a sport, Minika children, Minika Go, as channels are broadcast to different audiences.

ATV Frequency:

HDTurksat 4A: 12054 H 27500 5/6 (SD / HD)

Network -DFH: Channel 1

SDTurkish TKGS: 2nd channel (HD), channel 670 (SD)

HDD-Smart: Channel 25 (SD / HD)

HDDigiturk: ​​25th channel (SD), 325th channel (HD)

-Filbox: 12054 H 27500 5/6 (SD / HD)

TV SDCable: S 7 (SD)

Teledünya: Channel 7 (SD), Channel 24 (SD)

Venue of ATV, Merkez Yayın Holding A.Ş. was established in 2002 to operate in the visual media industry. The capital of the company belongs to the founding company.

ATV television, the level of our country, principled, impartial, respectful and focused on all family members with the policy of broadcasting the most-watched TV channel was.

ATV, which is the address of many early, marked the history of Turkish television with its parallel publishing approach and the trends created with the slogan "We are at the top without sacrificing quality." Most of the sequences with the highest classification achieved so far have the signature of the ATV.

The purpose of the ATV, which does not compromise the quality line, is not a sensational but permanent and qualified classification. ATV has one of the largest studios in Europe, a leader in the industry with qualified personnel, management of success, creativity, contemporaneity, western face, quality, immutable philosophy, high visibility and advertising capacity.

television ATV, terrestrial transmitters, cable TV and digital platforms via Turkey to 99% of the population, DTH and antenna with the help of all Europe, North Africa, Australia, USA and Turkmen Republic accesses it provides.

The Center carries out its activities in the Istanbul Balmumcu media complex in early 2003, located in Sefaköy, Istanbul, the largest of which is 1,720 square meters including 12 studios, control rooms and commercial offices.

The headquarters of the company carries out the activities of the radio channel with the brand Radio City.

Programs published in HD
The bandit is not the ruler of the world (Tuesday 20.00)
You say to the Black Sea (Wednesday 20.00)
Once Upon a Time Çukurova (Thursday 20.00)
Sahin Hill (Friday 20.00)
Mother crying (Sunday 20.00)


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