Law of transfer of Aaolu and washing of Galatasaray!


Minister Trabzonspor Ahmet Aaolu, blue-wine team in the field of agriculture in Turkey at the end of the first sends mraniyespor with the first run sends ended in the washing of members of the press after kald karlamann met.

Aran, stating that the outcome of the race against Mraniyespor, "Do not neglect the trophy in the trophy." God bless ansz a goal you eat in your own goal field costs is living air.

"What Balkesirspor ne mraniyespor ne Hatayspor his sphere of the Spar Lig in the middle and the schemes are not different from the ties." Using the expression, Aaolu continued with:

"It's not a coincidence that they have already made it to the end. Of course, when a team like Trabzonspor have a cup in the middle of the islanders finals with a goalkeeper on the side of 17 Novak & # 39; n ansz sakatl, Onazi & Sosa & But football is not a soccer ball that burns Trabzonspor, but this is always a good time to wait for a soccer ball, but I'll be a little more optimistic. to our point from a different point ".

– "Trabzonspor, coincidence did not come here"

Trabzonspor did not come to the list of coincidences about accidental aolu, washing continued:

"We have a three-year contract with UEFA in a week. We have 15 years on the table in 2016. 50 million euros. changes in Article 84. We have made progress in our association and especially in our association UEFA, "We mean that the institution in our organization and our institution is our target." The minister and the governing period were " previous, now byle or something. "This is not UEFA, but against the institution that is serious in the face of the opposite reaction, or you will look at it, but this change in the matter has not changed, and the last 8 months in the player of 15 million euros and only 2.2 million players in our table 16 of the 16 players in our infrastructure After that we explain the details of the investment made in the substructure.We will give you all the punishments he said.

– Transfer transfer

Aaolu, who is also involved in the transfer law, continued with:

We have the current team in the best place of the championship and we are targeting the Turkish Cup June is a matter of time to get closer I do not know if I have access to the Internet, but I know that the handles have been financially bankrupted by UEFA and FIFA, but that does not happen. "

Aaolu, stating that a second file had arrived before closing a file, continued with:

Ken We're making a saying, the other is coming. We paid 1 million 200 thousand euros for Milan, a second FIFA warning. I do not want to wet anyone, but it's Trabzonspor Kulb. You are running the most beautiful soccer club in Turkey. From this identifier bankruptcy dndk dntkn dnk not? Btn abamz dnmesi way, but inallah btn these images, difficulties will come from the direction of difficulties.

– Galatasaray ma

Aaolu, Galatasaray mana ynelik says:

"Every ma is the same, Galatasaray ma is the same mraniye ma as the same with the Galatasaray ma.We have a squadron with local aliens Trabzonspor spirit.Yoruldular.They do not have the alternatives but not including Uurcan but I wanted to play this kills Playing with goalkeepers next door is still a good performer when you rate the cup-eyel as a performance, we can live again.

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