Last minute … TIR collided with midibus in Sarikamis: many injured


Accident, today at 10am Kars-Erzurum Karakurt occurred in the locality. According to the information received, the passenger midibus 361 851 plate in the course of the road when the road is icy and foggy 55 AAC 646 plate in front looking forward to hit the rear TIR?. 20 people were injured in the midibuste accident. In the marketplace life scene, while the injured, ambulances were removed to nearby hospitals.

The front was returned to the scythe midibüste and the wounded gendarmes were arrested and the firefighters were removed as a result of the work.

When the investigation was initiated, the road was closed again.

Last minute ... TIR collided with Sarikamışta midibüs: many injured


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