Kirsehir Province lam Religion Ant dı Explained: Inquiry started


The former governor of Kırşehir, Necati Şentürk, who retired from Kırşehir Governorate, visited Fatimatüz Zehra İmam Hatip High School about a year ago.


In a written statement by the Governor's Office, some media outlets at a school in Kırşehir students received word that religious vows were taken. Emphasizing that research and research on the subject has begun, "The incident in question is about a year ago, the former governor of Kırşehir Necati Şentürk, Fatimatüz Zehra Imam Hatip Secondary School occurred during his visit, and this greeting is required by the Governorate investigation and investigation was started.


Images, Kirsehir former Governor Necati Senturk, Fatma Tuz Zehra Anatolia Imam Hatip High School students, & Selamünaleyküm & # 39; he said, the students, "Aleykum seal." What a beautiful kalam .Live Islam .Koran in our hands .Mulman Muslims who believe in Allah.We do not go out that way.Everyway on the right path.The book is wrapped in circumcision, making orders, Muslims who avoid prohibition, "he replied in form.


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