Friday , April 23 2021

karate accident ambulatory jockey

Halis Karata, riding horses in Adana
It was knocked down 800 meters. With the jump, it also comes from behind
from the purebred jungle, kouyu to the rear followed by Cibekolu
and the jockey was also replaced by Velat Demir.
arrow atlatt a serious hazard.

Ambulance and first aid team, who came to the scene immediately after the accident,
Halis Karata is the first to bring yrek to a place in a sre
He did the interview and then went to the hospital on the stretcher. Karata & # 39; n ksa
sreli hafza loss of life, but then returned to light


Adana Yeiloba Hipodromu November 25 Sunday required 6. kouda CBEK
OLU and ATEBB are pure, jockeys VELAT DEMR and HALS KARATA & # 39;
It's drmt. Halis Karata, who was referred to the hospital because of Gs ars,
no kr or serious salk problem
only the bleeding occurred in the tongue was ignored. it is
akam gzlem amal will stay in the hospital
The wire will be unloaded.

The first jockey Velat Demir is not referred to the hospital for a complaint
while ime occurred at the time, he was referred to the hospital for this reason.
We will send our wishes to our jockeys again and wish them an emergency.


Ekin Ko, "Emperor of our iin" in the movie Halis Karata & # 39; canlandryor …
The legendary horse Bold Pilot and the unforgettable jockey Halis Karata & n 'e Begm Atman
Akatime movie with 7 aka the show is entering the show. Our in Ampion
for this accident counting counting gn to find many movie viewers
"He said the evil eye to Halis" made comments.


7 Aralkon will be released in the movie of the pilot's jockey in bold Halis Karata canlandran
Ekin Ko explained the challenging task of preparing the rolne: Jokeylik
Okay, it's a difficult profession. "A diet drunk during the month and youn exercise
if the program was implemented. Week ii 3 sometimes 4 gn Veliefendi Apranti
I was trained by former jockey Kvan Tysz at his school. Gnlerde remaining
make certain muscle groups doing pilates. Otherwise
"It's hard to get old in balance."

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