In this matter, the weak will not be lucky!


Intra-abdominal lubrication, which is called ectopic lubrication, can affect not only excess weight, but also those with normal weight. In addition, the problem can be seen in all, from 7 to 70 years. According to the news of Haberturk Ceyda Erenoğlu & # 39; nun; Even overweight or child does not reduce the risk of lubrication.

Specialist in Endocrinology Dr. Ayşe Çıkım Sertkaya provides information about ectopic lubrication and the damage done to your body. Sertkaya said: "The hormone that controls the accumulation of fat in the body is insulin. The end product of carbohydrate-type food digestion is glucose. Consumption of foods containing simple sugar and starch, which are quickly digested and mixed rapidly in the blood, causes sudden increases in blood sugar. It is said that the most important weapon of the body is insulin in order to prevent the increase of blood sugar and damage the cells because the blood sugar is above the right limit. Insulin secreted by the pancreas directs increased glucose into the muscles and into the liver. If sugar in the muscles and liver is full of sugar, the excess sugar is converted to triglycerides and sent to the fat reservoir. But these tanks are also a volume. Usually, subcutaneous adipose tissue adapts to our diet. If the amount of fat to be stored is high and the fat exceeds the capacity of the cells around the internal organs, the liver and vein accumulate on the walls. Fat deposits, especially in the abdomen and liver, begin to secrete some substances. These substances are resistant to insulin and cause some reactions in the body. These reactions and insulin resistance can cause cardiovascular disease, liver fatigue and diabetes.


When fat cells that expand and exceed their limits are collected around the heart, they cause heart disease, vascular constriction when collected around the veins, diabetes when collected in the pancreas, and cirrhosis when collected in the liver. Whether or not it disturbs kidney function when it is collected around the kidneys causes controversy in the medical world.


In the past, the most important cause of cirrhosis was viral infection. Nowadays, the most important cause of cirrhosis of the liver is counted. Liver oils and other organs are also seen in childhood, and it is pointed out that this is due to irregular and processed foods.


In addition to those who are overweight and do not see ectopic lubrication, there are those who are normally overweight and have problems with ectopic lubrication. Waist circumference is seen as the most basic parameter to understand this problem. Fatigue in the hips or thighs is physically disturbing but is seen as a sign of a metabolic problem. Intra-abdominal lubrication is a critical problem; waist, those with excessive umbilical region need to do the necessary exams through an endocrinologist. There is not much of a symptom. After eating food, drowsiness, fasting, can not lose weight can show these problems. Experts in endocrinology can easily spot this problem and the damage it brings with various tests.


Recommendations to avoid life-threatening ectopic lubrication due to its organs:

* Balanced and accurate nutrition

* Meal (if necessary, the doctor will tell you)

* Consume natural foods

* To avoid fatty foods and carbohydrates

* To move

* Avoid fried foods

* Do not miss the dose of nuts, minimizing sugar consumption

* Do not drink sugar and sour drinks

* Keep dinner to a minimum

* Consume fruit in moderation


It is often wrong for individuals to make snacks with carbohydrates and flour products, which usually give a feeling of satiety. Foods containing carbohydrates provide resistance in a short period of time, however, they interrupt insulin sensitivity and may cause intra-abdominal lubrication. Turkish coffee is not accepted as a healthy snack due to lack of fasting. What to expect from healthy snacks is listed below.

* A small bowl of yogurt and a serving of fruit on the side

* Two buns, a small slice of cheese

* One palm, two almonds or one glass of skim milk

* Several raw nuts without losing the dose



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