Impressive statement from Cibbeli & dan: "Galatasaray took the work of the organization"


Can Ataklı, a columnist for the Sözcü newspaper, wrote that Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, known as h Cübbeli Ahmet & # 39; and one of the prominent teachers of the İsmailağa Community, called him. Atakli, on Thursday, wrote that the company of Cúbbeli fiancé Ahmet Hoca led the organization of the celebrations of the Galatasaray championship. Then, the name of Cübbeli Ahmetı that seeks it, Ataklı did not interfere in any work of the transmitted groom.

The related section of Can Ataklı's article is as follows:

Iz I never thought about it, I'll call and talk to Jabapli's hippo.

You understood the topic immediately.

Of course, this article on this corner on Thursday was published.

In my article, I wrote that the company of the groom of Cüppeli Ahmet Hoca organized the ceremonies of celebration of the championship of Galatasaray.

Ahmet Hodja said, "In Allah's knowledge," he said, "I have nothing to do with the company of my son-in-law or a contribution to the works I have done.

Cuippeli Ahmet Hoca said that her daughter had been married for three years but that she had not been involved in any of the groom's business during that time.

After the election of Ekrem İmamoğlu & nun still did not give mazbata, while the groom said that a municipal work Cüppeli Ahmet Hoca said, I also learned from the media. I do not have a dime working with the county, even if I go in between the words, I do not even know if they can do a normal job, "he said.

Cüppeli Ahmet Hoca & yao "Your name is very famous. That is why there is something natural about you and your family. That may be inevitable, Bu, I said.

Ilmaz Yes, we live inevitably. But we are very difficult to face the wrong statements. Do you know how we've been attacked by social media since morning?



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