Important change decision on the smartphone side of Xiaomi!



The smartphone industry attracts a lot of attention Xiaomishelves two series of smartphones in line with their future plans.

According to the official statement of Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun My max or My note The series will not sell a new smartphone underneath. The company, which has continued this series for a long time, seems to follow a different path for the future. In the past period What makes Redmi a sub-brand? and the company, which sells very good phones, says the Mi brand will continue with "high-end" devices. The company has made a clear decision that it wants to get rid of the metaphor of Chinese company Uzun long ago. In almost all fields of technology and in other areas Xiaomicontinuously improve its product range and carry out a balanced transformation


Xiaomi recently announced the CC series

Last year Meitu& # 39; S Hardware section buyer Xiaomi, recently The official announcement of the CC series He did. For those who do not, the CEO says the words "Colorful & Creative arkasında" are behind the CC jewelry. Lei JunAfter the brands Redmi and Mi Chic & Cool 90 The team is preparing to be ambitious with the CC series developed by. The first devices of this brand will be the CC9 and CC9e models.

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