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The directors of the red-yellow club, TFF and TBB gathered extraordinary information on the work of information.

Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex Özhan Canaydın Meeting Hall held at the meeting in the statement made by Mustafa Cengiz on the topic of information about the situation and said they are not.

Cengiz, the raw information that will transfer to the members emphasizing emphasizing: "Dear state in this regard, without clarifying the steps and knowing what still can not say something." he said.

"I wonder if the state intends to hand over the clubs that owe the debt," he said that the president's reaction and perception of the yellow-red club said:

"Sports clubs, it's been a concern for years." I wonder if our government in this way, the administration, the club administrations, the general assembly want to deliver? "From the outset I can express that there are no contacts and contacts we have been in. We do not officially meet with such a request, intention or even with the secret organizer." We see the state as a way of seeking solutions, which the state thinks we can do, the state wants to support these social communities with which it is a member of the nation, so I would like to thank the state for my heart, I came from the state, I can not fight with the state.

Only a few Genghis clubs transfer that debt "the sports club in Turkey has 15 billion pounds to close down debt.Limit will fall to hold 10 billion pounds.We do not owe our two three clubs.They are toasted in their own fat, I have to congratulate you. " used expressions.

Mustafa Cengiz said he was working to help the state's sports clubs.

Emphasizing that there will be no new loans within the scope of the study, Cengiz said:

"The state thinks:" How can we help? "This is never a new credit," We get a new credit. "Let's get the money, transfer, spend." In the case of in debt, the short-term debts of the clubs are going to be changed, we did something similar to that.In August, we reversed 380 million pounds and two banks with short-term debts.The state wants to do a translation, we do state & # 39 ; 10 years, grace the first 4 years & # 39;. We said ".

Mustafa Cengiz said that they did not receive any information about the details of the configuration work, "We have not yet made an offer, we have given all the details and statements of cash flow, it is great that our country has financial support in sports clubs." They are trying to kill him: "Do not do this help, why Ziraat Bank does not give money to the farmers' bank? Why is it a sports club? There is nothing that the debt is delayed and breathing." We do not do business ".

President Cengiz; Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, as well as football, in addition to operating in the Olympic branches reminded me:

"We distinguish 3 major clubs from other Anatolian clubs and we give great support to amateur sports, especially Olympic branches from the Republic, we have the tasks to be performed by the ministries, we provide education for about 600 young people. that the side of the association was taken into account, there have been many controversies, some of the challenges are happening.

Cengiz argued that they are more transparent than their competitors, "Our accounts are in the square." Every football player we receive is worth how many lire, every year we report what we paid to the Public Disclosure Platform. we are clear and transparent.We are also the ones who have shown clear reports of the last 6 months. "as stated opinion.

Reacting to the statements of Duygun Yarsuvat, one of the former presidents of the red-yellow club on financial reports, Cengiz said:

"Our esteemed former president says we are on the balance sheet and that we have put UEFA's possible revenues into the balance sheet this year and we are deceiving people. a number of concerns in the past, we have been very strictly audited and we have obtained a validity certificate from UEFA.We have proven our work financially. "There would be around 15 million lire without a fine of 2 million euros."

Mustafa Cengiz, who took the floor again after the comments, expressed his opinion on the recommendation of the extraordinary general assembly to obtain new authority after the details of the project were right.

Emphasizing that the general assembly authorized them Cengiz, said:

"There are financial situations that should be in privacy.We have to act fast.I have to pay 6-7 million euros by the end of this month.I have to make transfers.I'm dead … State," you take the water, that water will be paid after 10 years. "I say:" Wait, wait. "If I say" go your way. "It is also not known whether or not this will be done, and we are not sure which part of this configuration we are, and we give serious assurances to Abdurrahim Albayrak.You have the danger of closing the appetite of the state that wants to help you.My friends know my friends.If I see no relief in this, why not I must enter, I will not enter. "

The president of the yellow-red club reported that UEFA welcomed the debt restructuring.

Cengiz said that they discuss issues with UEFA, "UEFA event to participate in the closed capital and Cup of Europe met with the four major clubs." UEFA, this support was received extremely positive. Turkey. Work, political pressure either did not interfere with the autonomous structure, but as a very important contribution to the development of football. " found in the assessment.

"Social media is hate, inside and non-employment"
Cengiz, social media, hatred, hatred and hatred against them, have argued that.

Mustafa Cengiz stating that they are working to evaluate the money given to the fans well for Galatasaray, continued:

"At the moment, our biggest concern is the striker, our only concern is the striker, the feeling of gratitude is very important, we are in a very good position compared to other clubs, we are very respectable in Europe and in the world." We are surprised by this. I said. However, I do not like that. We make a mistake, if there is an error, we take it. Responsibility is in charge. "

Answering the questions from the press after the meeting, Mustafa Cengiz said that they work in harmony with the technical staff.

Management, technical staff and professionals who have made a great effort, stating that Cengiz, "may be a series of overlapping, such as backgammon can play." People say such as incompetence or inability to say, but all board members, technical staff and professionals, trying to die.We are working together in a great harmony with the technical delegation .. Do not believe in any gossip, we are together every hour every day Bizi No one should try to separate us and fight çalış Our supporter is well-intentioned. continue the march "in the form of.

At the extraordinary meeting of the board, a recommendation was made to the board of directors.

At the end of the meeting, when the details of the TFF and TBB debt restructuring project were evident, it was advisable that the extraordinary general meeting be collected for approval and advice.


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